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Entrepreneur Pitch Activity Writing Rubrics and Handouts

The Entrepreneur Pitch activity encourages students to review multiple investment offers and discern which offer is best choice for a given business. This discussion and calculated task may be used to incorporate math applications for understanding basic business functions. For structure and guidance the following handout is used in conjunction with a pre-selected pitch or fabricated story line.

The rubric below is used for assessing student's responses from entrepreneur pitch activities.






​Student did not select an offer.

Student does not provide any reasoning.

The student uses no relevant vocabulary terms.

​Students did not complete a response.


​Student's response is unclear.

Student’s reasoning is mathematically inaccurate.

The student uses vocabulary terms inaccurately.

The student acknowledges some of their errors.


The student provides an explanation for why they chose their offer and supports it with accurate math reasoning.

The student uses some relevant vocabulary terms accurately but not all are used correctly.

The student acknowledges all of their errors and recorrects some of them.


​The student's offer selection is clear.

The student provides an explanation for why they chose their offer and supports it by comparing multiple offers. Explicitly concluding why their choice is the best option.

The student accurately uses all relevant vocabulary terms.

​The student recorrects all errors previously made.


The student did not make any errors to reflect upon but articulated their reaction to the reveal.

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