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It started with a single post...

I started creating content for parents who were struggling to help their kids with Common Core Math. As I received positive feedback about how parents and students were able to apply my small lessons to make big changes, I realized that I could create much more impact by formalizing my unique teaching method by tutoring one and one and engaging in smaller class sizes. You can learn more about my online math classes here!


Certified Math Teacher

B.A. Math Psychology

M.A. Teaching

My ability to ignite the desire for students to grow no matter their circumstances is what makes me a successful teacher.  

My pedagogy is defined by investing shared experiences with my students both in and outside of the classroom.  A student’s first thought, when asked about class, is how their teacher made them feel above all else.  Thus, my pedagogy focuses on investing time into my students intellectually, and emotionally to ignite growth for students to transform classroom education into life-long learning. 

Engaged learning is attained by constructing memorable, warming experiences and dismantling classroom walls to transform students into life- long learners.


Click here to explore my resume more. 

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