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Learning is both social, interactive, and rigorous.  Students are validated that learning new concepts can be challenging while also rewarding when new concepts are understood and mastered. 

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Students can expect to feel empowered when learning new concepts.  There is a rewarding feeling when grasping a concept once foreign to you.  Especially when you can now help others to understand as well.

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Life is the real test of applying learned concepts acquired over time.  My goal is for students to gain independence in their math skills and not be dependent upon us.

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It is my goal to build life long learners to transform the narrative of how communities relate and engage with mathematics every day.


Online Math Classes

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Virtual and in Person Math Enrichment Events


Jaime M

I have nothing but glowing feedback for this class and teacher. We love Miss Jones so much that we signed up our 13 year old to take her "intro to 8th grade math" class over the summer. My son has always struggled with math and by the time he got to 7th grade, he'd come to dread it. This class completely turned that around for him--he was so proud of what he was learning. He told us in amazement a couple months into the year that he thought maybe he wasn't so bad at math, after all. Miss Jones met the kids at their level and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. She has an amazing way of affirming them even if their answers aren't right. When I had an opportunity to overhear a class, I was always struck by how energized and engaged the kids were. I wish we could have Miss Jones teach our son all the time. She's a gifted teacher and I'd give her more than 5 stars if I could. Thank you for a wonderful year of math, Miss Jones

Tracey C. 

My son is not a "scholar" and he hates school, but he loved Ms. Jones and this was the one class he never gave me a hard time about. I think it could have moved a little bit faster for my son but, on the other hand, he was never overwhelmed. I guess she found the sweet spot. She is very kind and supportive and she works hard to build a community within the class. It was a good experience and we very much recommend her.

Tiffany G

My daughter has struggled with math for years and has never connected with a teacher. After her first class with Danielle she said "can I keep taking that class?" Danielle is amazing!!! 

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Enroll Now for 2022-2023 School Year Online Cohorts

Live online math cohort classes have a maximum of 8 students per class.  Classes meet one to two times a week online for 50 minutes each session.  Live interactive math instruction with activities for students to participate in.
  • Grade Level Cohort Courses

  • Pay Weekly and Cancel Anytime!



I am an education enthusiast obsessed with all things education.  My passions include student empowerment, school culture and educational equity.  My strengths are student engagement, nourishing a warm classroom culture and creative lesson design. I am certified in secondary math and hold a BA in Math Psychology and my Master of Arts in Teaching.  


Each 50-minute session will include a 15 to 20-minute mini-lesson from the teacher and approximately 30 minutes of activities and practice.


Sessions will allow students to engage with math content and peers while the teacher facilitates student-centered learning.


Lessons will be as interactive as necessary for student engagement but, will never lose sight of the core concepts of the lesson. 

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